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The Tale of Two Stock Trades

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The most important part of stock trading is that you remember that your losers should be smaller than your winners. If you can learn to manage your trades like this, your win to loss ratio can be less than 1:1 (meaning you can have...

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Build an Easy ETF Portfolio

If you want to build an easy ETF portfolio, you’re in luck! There are tons of financial products that will allow you to build a simple and efficient portfolio. Today’s information rich environment will also allow you to turn the task of building a portfolio into an arduous and time...

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Why Do We Sell in May and Go Away

Starting in April of each year, professional and retail Investors ask themselves “should I sell in May and go away”? Although many point to Stock Trader’s Almanac statistics that illustrate the stock market’s tendency to provide lower returns in the period between April and October, the explanations behind the phenomenon...

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