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Back in 2007, I witnessed a great injustice unfold...

I was 25 years young at the time and was just hired at an extremely popular commission based financial advisory firm in Annapolis, Md. I was looking forward to helping people make their lives better through financial planning. However, it was only a few weeks later that I uncovered the rotten truth about most of the financial industry. Despite economic reports and expert opinion, the entire office was convinced that the economy was in great health and that growth would continue into the foreseeable future.

As the market began to stall and eventually collapse, all these "advisers" were worried about was finding and retaining their high net-worth clients. I realized they didn't care about helping their clients, they only cared about filling their own pockets. They were also willing to say just about anything in order to do so.

After a few weeks of being immersed in this unscrupulous culture, I quit and never looked back. However, I couldn't help but worry about all of their clients, their lost nest-eggs and shattered dreams.

After leaving I continued my education, eventually earning an MBA with a specialization in Financial Planning. During my Master's program, I was introduced to many leading fee-only planners in the industry. This is when I learned what the definition of True Financial Planning was and what financial planning was supposed to be.

Today, I continue to help people gain control of their future through sharing personal finance advice on my blog and by providing fee only financial coaching, mentoring and planning services.