Knowledge is Power

We are very lucky to live in an age where the collective wisdom of so many is so conveniently at our fingertips. Below you'll find a selection of the most influential books that I've read. I credit these resources for helping to get me to where I am today. Every purchase through the following links helps to support this website. We appreciate the support!


New to Personal Finance

The first investing book I read was "Building Wealth". At 20 years old, the stories and strategies within this book was inspiring and have proven effective. Next, the "Automatic Millionaire" taught me to pay myself first and how to make savings and investing a pain-free process. However, it wasn't long until I came across stock investing resources. At this point in my life, stock investing seemed more practicable then real estate. Not only does real estate investing require borrowing large sums of money, it also requires ongoing maintenance and active management. With that said, I found investing in the stock market was more accessible to me at the time.


Intermediate Investing Resources

Once my curiosity in investing grew, I began to seek out additional resources that would teach me how to become a stronger Analyst. At this time, I learned the importance of assessing the valuation of the companies that I was investing in. Additionally, I found the following books that taught me how to evaluate stock price trends in order to determine when the right time to invest was. Market timing can be tricky; however it has kept me out of a financial market crash and losing investments.


Advanced Financial Resources

Towards the end of my undergraduate education, I was continuing my personal finance journey. I began to develop a deeper understanding of business cycles, which has helped me understand economic crisis events such as bubbles, financial market crashes and real estate booms and busts. Additionally, I continued to sharpen my financial modeling skills and experimented with the possibility of becoming a professional day trader. The following financial resources helped me become more sophisticated in stock market investing.